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Committed to offering you fresh and quality products, L'Auberge makes the choice to establish links with producers with whom it shares common values. These producers and therefore, farmers, prefer the taste, the freshness of their products and a certain respect for the environment. Of course, our producers are from Brittany or Auvergne, to respect the values ​​of the tradition of Chef Julien Doupeux as well as those of his wife Claire Doupeux. 

For many years now, L'Auberge has been building and building relationships with these producers. This short circuit is both a good thing for the work of these producers, allowing them to be valued, to contribute to local production and to share and discover their work within our establishment. In addition to that, it is also a good thing at the environmental level, thanks to exchanges in short circuits, which allow us, for us, to have fast, ethical and fair exchanges and for you, always fresh products, certified to have a quality at the rendezvous. 

So over the years, to offer you qualitative services and for your greatest happiness, we have built links with these different producers. For your breakfasts and gourmet meals, so that you spend magical moments and moments at L'Auberge, for the pleasure of all ...



la distillerie du gorvello 



The Gorvello Distillery is a local company, so the distillery business has existed since 1984, and is located in Morbihan in Sulniac, and is both a producer and a processor of of cider apples of Breton origin.

Their products come from Certified Organic Farming, and since 2012, no further processing call to synthetic chemistry is not applied. The Gorvello Distillery is also committed to producing everything minimizing its impact on the environment; bottles, sewage, heating, etc. ; everything is studied for guarantee the best respect for our planet.

Different products are created by this house, namely:

- Petit-Prince Guillevic (Apple Cider and Cider Brandy)
- Apple juice
- Cider
- Water of Life
- Cider Flower
- Cider Vinegar

The products are made with a unique know-how, which will surely delight you during your meals within the establishment. In particular, many competitions have been won by the Distillery.








The Cidrerie Nicol, they are ciders with the traditional manufacture, and which have the peculiarity of being fruity and slightly acidulated. Products in Brittany, Surzur in Morbihan. 

Each cider, with its golden yellow dress is capped with a fine bubble foam. Nothing better than to taste this artisanal cider to know its sweet flavors in the mouth .. but also on the nose. Because it is a sweet side, fresh and very ripe fruit that will firstly soak your sense of smell and then give way to an evolution of the most surprising and charming in the mouth, with a palate caressed by its fruity taste, refreshing, and through a supple freshness. 

The products respect men and nature, because it is indeed unpasteurized and without preservatives that they are realized. Respect of tradition and know-how, the apples are grown locally, and this for even more flavors and tastes in the mouth.

The Cidrerie Nicol is a production of: 

- Cider Breton stuffed artisan (sweet, fruity and raw)
- Apple juice




CHEESE WITH GREAT FLAVORS les-fromages-de-lauberge-producteurs-locaux

The Clover Field is a company producing cow's milk products and located in Erdeven. Even if it has a small farm, the Clover Fields contain a total of about 50 of dairy cows, most of which are prim'holstein breeds fed on the plants produced by the farm.


In fact, for just over half of the milk produced, it is used to make cheese. The farm produces eg St. Cado and Ace of Clubs. And it is these same cheeses that have contributed to the reputation of this company. In addition to that, they have
obtained the Bio Label for their incredible know-how and the realization of their local products.


The result is there, and the secret of the scented cheeses are due to the great diversity of the surrounding nature Clover Fields. There are different types of herbs and plants that feed on cows.









It is not less than 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables that are produced in Saint-Goustan. And even if the company is not 100% organic, it does not use any chemicals, only organic fertilizers. There is also an integrated biological control in greenhouses, where workers only introduce parasites at low doses.  


The Maraichers of Saint-Goustan, it is a great diversity, it is at the level of the varieties but also at the level of the colors. To sublimate the plates, we therefore use red tomatoes, oranges, cherries or tomatoes cocktails.

There are also zucchini of all kinds; yellow, green, round .. It is also thanks to the Maraichers of Saint-Goustan that we saw appear first Alstroemerias and Lysianthus, which are varieties of flowers to eat.




PASTA WITH Tender WHEAT les-pates-le-ruyet-auberge-sainte-anne-auray-les-producteurs



Pasta le Ruyet is made in Brittany, more exactly in Languidic. The company does not produce simply pasta, she develops original culinary specialties, which are recognized as innovative, while maintaining an authentic taste based on tenderly grown wheat harvested on the family farm.


David Le Ruyet is at the head of this company, and works on it while highlighting values ​​and practices that respect the environment.


His production is just like his crops. high quality, gourmet flavors, an amber color .. The recipe for these pasta from
Brittany is simple: Ultra-fresh wheat flour and type 80, egg whites, milk, all from organic farming, as well as Guérande


The chef of L'Auberge works with this producers, because they are products with the pretty flavors of Brittany who
allow gourmet dishes to perfect their authenticity and inventiveness.








The Auberge also works with Billom's Ail Noir producer, Laurent Girard, who is the leading producer of French Black Garlic and who runs a production company of Air Rose, transformed into 3 months to give the famous Garlic Black Billom! Located in Auvergne, region of origin of our chef Julien Doupeux, and more precisely in the department of Puy-de-Dôme. 

Artisanal product, organic and especially ..natural and with multiple aromas! This is the secret of this product so much appreciated by the host of the Auberge as well as its customers ..


Black Garlic has the particularity of having a coal color, which has an amazing and surprising texture both melting and caramelized. This condiment is already very popular in Asia, Considered as a nugget by its producer, this black garlic delighted the taste buds of its consumers for sure ..!







Located 5km from Guérande, Salines exploitation in South Brittany of Françoise and Lionel Charteau is located in St. Molf. The spirit of the house is the passion of a job well done and to offer quality products to its partners.


The Auberge de Sainte-Anne d'Auray and its customers appreciate the delicate flavors of this Guérande salt handmade and in the respect of the Breton tradition. This salt of Guérande offers a certain relief to the gastronomic dishes, in order to sublimate them and to delight the taste buds of our customers.


 Behind this collaboration lies a desire to showcase the talents of our region, or those of neighboring regions. Developing local producers is also the desire of L'Auberge and that is why we present the Charteau House with the greatest pleasure.








supreme-de-volaille-de-la-ferme-des-granges-auberge-sainte-anne-auray  THE VERY HIGH POULTRY OF BRETAGNE



The Ferme des Granges is located in Brandivy in Morbihan in Brittany; Pascal and Marie-Genevre Hedgehog are at the head of this farm and are therefore producers of poultry.


Over the years, they have built an artisanal farm poultry farm and are exclusively fed thanks to cereals grown on farm land, producing nearly 90% of maize, wheat or oleaginous peas.

To enable poultry to live on good fertile soil and for quality, annual production is limited to 4,000 or 5,000 poultry.

You will find the map and menus of the Auberge de la Poultry Farm Barn, as in the dish "Poultry supreme from the Ferme des Granges, variation around the Carrot, lobster sauce with flavors of the islands. "






bon-breton-jus-frais-et-bio-auberge-sainte-anne-aurayFRESH FRUIT JUICES WITH VEGETABLES AND HERBS



Bon Breton is a local company where production is located in Grand-Champ. With the choice of this situation for the production workshop, growing organic vegetables is ideal.


They produce healthy and easy products consume. The will of Sylvie, who is responsible for this operation, is to take care of one's neighbor, health and well-being. Everyday vegetables and fruits are an important and basic issue to take care of of our health, and that is what Sylvie and her son, through their juice, they wish us to make understand.


Bon BIO fresh organic juices have recently arrived at our hotel-restaurant and especially at L'Auberge's breakfast! Because we are eager to always offer quality products, fresh and local, we are proud to present you our new BIO breakfast jus Bon breton! Perfect for boosting your day! Ultra-fresh, revitalizing and without sugar or additives, it's the well-kept promise of our local producers Bon breton!


These juices made with fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs will be offered at breakfast, with the guarantee of filling up with vitamins and nutrients. So what's better than starting the day with good flavors that offer benefits to your health for the whole day


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